• McKenzie & Co. Slipcover Modular Seating
  • True modular seating from Chromcraft has never been more comfortable, stylish, configurable, and versatile. Now with removeable and washable Slipcovers.We believe that our customers deserve to have “YOUR ROOM, YOUR WAY!”
  • Slipcover
  • Comfort Flexx® Spring Back
  • ChromSoft® Seating
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McKenzie & Co. 2.0

Bring your favorite modular home. If you need assistance or have questions, call 662-612-4104 or email [email protected] for help.

Customers Reviews
1.Who is McKenzie & Co?
2.What is a Slipcover?
3.What is the benefit of having a slipcover?
4.What kind of fabric is this?
5.How can I clean the fabric?
6. What is an Armless Chair?
7.What is a Corner Unit?
8.What is an Arm Unit?
9. Does the accent pillow come with the Armless Chair and other units?
10. What does “true modular seating” mean?
11.What is a Comfort Flexx Back?
12.What is ChromSoft Seating?
13.What type of Foam do you use?
14.What are the dimensions of the Armless Chair?
15.What is the seat height?
16.Do you have free shipping?
17.How quickly can it ship?
18.Where is it manufactured?
20.What is the return Policy?
21. Who do I contact for any questions?