Kiddoz Couch
The built and cosmetic perfectly fit my need - cozy and rigid. Highly recommend!
Kiddoz Couch
Excellent quality. Comparable to the Nugget but better.
Taylor Majerus
Kiddoz Couch
The couch is well made and my children love it. It was affordable but more importantly they pulled through right at the end in the holiday season. I reached out to inquire about delivery date as Christmas was approaching and they said it might not make it but it made it on Xmas eve afternoon. Highly recommended!
Megan Otis Parrish
Kiddoz Couch
Great gift for granddaughters for Christmas. They liked the box as well and made caves with the Kiddoz couch also
Bill Becker
Kiddoz Couch
Love the Kiddoz for my grandchildren. They are so comfy and keep them entertained without having to drag out all the sheets and move furniture around for them to build forts.
Kiddoz Couch
Super fast shipping, excellent customer service, and let’s willing to go hove and beyond to meet the needs of their customers! We were directly affected by Hurricane Ida and ordered a Kiddoz Couch for our children to sleep on while staying in a camper. The couch was so comfy, and during the day they make forts with it! When we get into our new home, I plan on buying a Kiddoz Couch for each of the kids’ rooms because it was such a hit!
Robi-Lyn Guidry
Kiddoz Couch
We love the Kiddoz Couch, We have 4 kids ranging from 1 to 11 year old and all of our kids have so much fun using their imagination.
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