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In 2014, Arts and Crafts Industries purchases Chromcraft IP assets and the new corporation of Chromcraft Revington Douglas Industries LTD is born.Chromcraft Revington Douglas purchases a new 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Sardis Mississippi and builds a warehouse and corporate headquarters in California. These are the new homes for our Chromcraft family:


The Chromcraft Team continues its long and rich heritage. They develop new innovative product with several patented features that create excitement in the marketplace and enhance consumer’s lives and lifestyles.

New divisions are introduced within the Chromcraft Home brand.

Comfort in Motion:

Chromcraft Home develops and patents Yoga Flexx Massage and Zero Gravity Plus in their line of power motion recliners. these patented features add to quality of life by providing measurable stress relief and relaxation in your home. ChromSoft seating is also patented to provide the best in multiple layered comfortable seating.

McKenzie &Co.:

Mc Kenzie & Co. features state-of-the-art true modular sofas with accompanying accent pieces and accessories. Our modular sofas feature our patented Comfort Flexx Spring Back which provides personalized comfort that maximizes comfortable seating space while minimizing the amount of space needed in the room. The Modular Seating also feature our patented ChromSoft seating technology for mattress like comfort

Kiddoz Couch

A new and exciting way for kids and adults alike to create, play and imagine. The Kiddoz Couch proprietary design enables it to be configured into a multitude of shapes and layouts, empowering kids to explore and experience creative play with their very own furniture. Our patented Slot Pocket can be used to hold books or multi-media devices for viewing your favorite shows, movies and learning videos during rest and down-time.


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