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General Info & Dimensions

What’s Inside the Box?

What are the Dimensions of the Kiddoz Couch?

What in the World is the Kiddoz Couch Made of?

Where in the World is it Made?

Are All Kiddoz Couch Materials “Kid Friendly”?

How Much Does It Weigh?

What is the Weight Limit for the Kiddoz Couch?

How Can I Take the Cover Set Off and Put Them Back on?

How Do I Assemble the Kiddoz Couch?

How Can I Order My Kiddoz Couch?

How Can I Check My Order Status and Delivery Information?

What is the Turnaround Time for My Order?

How Can I Cancel My Order?

How Can I Check My Shopping Cart?

How Can I Stay in Touch?

How much is the shipping fee?

How Much Does a Kiddoz Couch Cost?

Are There Any Additional Items That Go with My Kiddoz Couch?

What Payment Method Can I Use?

Will I be Charged Tax?

Can I Change the Shipping Address on an Order?

Can I Request a Delayed Shipping Date?

Can You Ship to A PO Box?

How Can I Create an Account?

Where Can I Buy a Kiddoz Couch?

How Can I Clean The Fabric?

Is my Kiddoz Couch Waterproof?

What Should I Do When I Receive My Kiddoz Box?

What Can I Do with My Kiddoz Couch?

How Long Can My Kiddoz Couch Stay in the Box?

How Long Will It Take My Kiddoz Couch to Expand to Full Size?

What is the Warranty Time for my Kiddoz Couch?

Is There a Product Guarantee?

What Should I do if I Have an Issue When I Open My Kiddoz Couch.

What If I Want to Return My Kiddoz Couch?