Kiddoz Klub Adventures

             What do you feel like doing today? Let’s start an adventure with your Kiddoz Couch. Here are some of our Kiddoz in action

             Off to the Races 

             Drivers start your engines. Go!  Cars are roaring around the track... 

             racing to the finish line. Watch for the checkered flag and the winner!  The crowd roars! 


             Pajama Party
             It’s snack time, movie time and lots and lots of talking time.

                Best friends are all curled up together sharing secrets and dreams and favorite stars. 

                Are you staying up all night?  Yup! 

             Best times ever.  

                Pillow Fight, Anybody? 

                A round of soft pillow pounding and everyone is down on the cushioned mats laughing and rolling around.

                Giggles take over for a short time.

                Then moments later the pillows come out for another round. BAM!



                Ready for Take-Off? 

                The pilot is pushing back from the gate.  Fasten your seat belts! Turn off your phone. 

                After a short blast down the runway, the plane takes off and you’re flying!   

                Hello down there! 


                Camp Out 

                It’s time for roasted marshmallows, sleeping bags and stories of the day’s adventures.  It’s getting dark, are you listening for the night 

                creatures?  Did you hear the great horned owl hoot?  He’s saying gooooood night.   

                Girl Talk 

                The best of friends are coming over today.  There’s always lots of talk about school,  

                boyfriends, homework...movies...parties.... secrets and more.   

                Did you hear..... shhhhh ..... this is just for girls.