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Let your imagination take you wherever you want to go
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Patent Pending "Slot Pocket"

Our Back Bolsters Feature a Patent Pending Slot Pocket That Is Useful in So Many Ways. It Can Be Used as a Stand to Hold Your Tablets and Phones for Viewing Movies and Playing Games. It is Also a Safe Soft Place for Storing Items

Personalize Your Kiddoz Couch
Now You Can Show How Proud You Are of your kiddoz with Our Monogramming Service, Show-Off Your Kid's Names, Initials, and Even Favorite Words. We Can Monogram up to 7 Characters on the Back Bolsters of Your Kiddoz Couch.
Play, Create and Imagine
Let Me Count the Ways...So Many Configurations and Shapes. Our Kiddoz Couch Design Enables Your Kiddoz to play, create and Imagine with Endless Possibilities.