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Check Out Our Wide Selection of Chromcraft Chairs

People choose furniture depending on various factors, including space and the interior color of the house. That’s why Chromcraft offers a home division for you to choose from. We aim to satisfy all our clients who look at our gallery. We own over 90% market share of swivel tilt caster dining chairs because we know what many people choose for their homes. In addition, our furniture styles come in several designs, including traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles. Thus, despite the furniture you purchase, you can rest assured of total comfort. 

Chromcraft Classic

This is a Chromcraft dining set with casual dining furniture. The furniture comes in various designs and finishes, including wood and metal. Hence, the Chromcraft classic is your go-to set if you need casual dining furniture. In addition, the furniture has a wide array of textures and colors. Therefore, you can choose what is best for your home décor. In our gallery, the collection includes Douglas, metal craft, and kitchen décor. We have manufactured all the furniture in this collection considering the comfortability of the chair and the benefit it has for your life. Hence, we aim to improve your life as you enjoy sitting on the chair every day of your life.

Comfort in Motion

Besides comfort, we manufacture Chromcraft chairs with health benefits. Our Comfort in Motion furniture has relaxing features such as Yoga Flex Massage and Zero Gravity Plus. Thus, these chairs soothe the joints and the vertebrae, relieve pain, and improve blood circulation. Therefore, it has many health benefits for older adults with various body and muscle injuries, such as the neck and knees. Hence, sitting on these chairs several hours a day ensures better health, increasing the life span of your family members. In addition, these chairs have our state-of-the-art LCD hand controller with a USB charging system to help you with recliner operating instructions.

McKenzie & Co. 2.0

McKenzie & Co. 2.0 is your best choice if you need soft chairs with mattress-like support. This Chromcraft furniture supports your body posture when sleeping, sitting, or relaxing. They have the memory form seating for the most comfort, and all foam is CertiPur-US certified. In addition, we can customize your furniture to what you prefer. This collection has corner units, armless chairs, Ottoman, and arm units. You can choose the color of your choice to spice up your room. Because of their soft nature, these chairs are comfortable, and you can sit for long hours while enjoying every moment.   

We have a comprehensive collection for you if you are looking for Dinettes or furniture to boost your health. Furthermore, we consider your home décor, and that's why our furniture comes in various colors and textures. Also, we aim to save you the stress of sitting on hard chairs that could have a negative effect on your health. All the furniture is comfortable and manufactured in the USA using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment at our manufacturing site. Therefore, you are assured that all furniture is quality and lasts longer.