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Here are some perfect gift ideas for your grand-children!

by Ryan Setliff 14 Dec 2023

A Brief Introduction

Few feelings are better than watching your grandkids’ eyes light up as they unwrap the gift you’ve lovingly purchased just for them. Of course, many parents know that today’s presents easily become tomorrow’s clutter. So along with time to enjoy each other’s company the question is, what gifts are so perfect that they’ll never end up in the donation bin.

If you’ve been wondering about this, then take a look at these ideas:

1. Kiddoz Couch! from Chromcraft Home

Chromcraft Home introduces the Kiddoz Couch. This magical toy/couch can keep grandkids of all ages entertained for hours. It easily goes from a mild-mannered couch to a racing Kidz Mobile in minutes...or any number of imaginative creations. Kiddoz Couch is something they’ll use for a long time and for many activities. Grandparents can have a Kiddoz Couch in their home for visiting guests or grandkids to play with or as an extra sleeping area. Then when everyone is gone, it turns back into that mild-mannered couch or chair and easily stores out of the way.

Check out all of these Kiddoz Couch features:

A. The shape of the back bolsters is ideal for building all kinds of sturdy play structures.

B. The patented “Slot Pocket” is a convenient place to put a tablet or phone to watch a movie or chat with friends or read. This soft storage slot is a great place to safely put small items.

C. Kiddoz exclusively offers personalized monogramming on the back bolsters... which makes this gift extra special.

D. The entire Kiddoz Couch is upholstered in a Micro Suede fabric and available in many different colors. They can coordinate with room colors or be complementary accent colors. Additional covers in your choice of colors can be purchased when the room decor changes or you want something new.

E. The fabric can be spot cleaned or machine washed when needed.

F. Fast 2-week delivery is always welcomed.

G. Kiddoz Couch comes with a 1-year warranty

Kiddoz Couch is certainly a top gift for grandkids... as well as for their parents! Grandparents can also join in the imaginative play!

2. Board Games

The world of board games is big and diverse enough to ensure that there’s something for every child. What’s more, board games can encourage problem-solving and cooperation, as well as a healthy sense of play and competition. Just remember, you may have to join in on the fun for a round or two.

3. A Day at The Museum
Another great gift is an actual family experience. A trip to a local museum is a great way to inspire curiosity and interest for your grandkids by providing them with a fun educational experience.

4. A Sports Event

Even if it’s not the super bowl, a family-loved sport event can be a great ticket for a day’s entertainment. Shared time with kids and grandkids is priceless.

5. Musical Instrument

Help your grandkid express themselves and their talents with a musical instrument. A guitar, ukulele, or a small hand drum are all perfect instruments to give to a curious kiddo. Since they don’t take up much space they can be stored easily. Tickets to an upcoming concert would be wonderful time spent with your grandkiddoz.

6. Family Vacation

This can be as easy as a day trip to a nearby favorite spot or a long-planned vacation to a faraway destination. Planning and talking about vacations creates excitement, and the day or week trip creates many family memories.

7. Family Dinners

One of the most fun times to remember can be family dinners with Grandpa and Grandma. Everyone gets a chance to talk, eat their favorite foods and share love and laughter.

Grandparents treasure moments with their grandkids and certainly want to bring happiness into their lives. It’s not surprising that their gifts come in all shapes and sizes.

You can shop our Kiddoz Couch product line by clicking HERE, read our FAQs, or contact us at (662)-562-8203.

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