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A User-Friendly Guide to Outdoor Furniture

by Ryan Setliff 14 Dec 2023

As a reputable provider of holistic home solutions, Chromcraft has a storied legacy of pushing the boundaries in introducing inventive product lines. From the iconic Sculpta chair that graced the futuristic sets of the 1960s Star Trek series to dining sets that have found their way to distant corners such as Australia, South Africa, and Israel, the company has continuously explored new horizons. This enduring tradition of discovery and creativity persists with the introduction of its latest expansion, impeccably timed for the High Point Market: the Newport Collection, designed for outdoor applications and presented under the McKenzie & Co. Outdoor brand.

A Logical Direction in production, distribution, and marketing for the McKenzie & Co. Collection

In the words of David Urbanick, the Vice President of Chromcraft Revington Douglas, "We've been dedicatedly working on this project for a considerable duration. Building upon the triumph of our indoor McKenzie & Co. Collection Modular line, we are now introducing modular seating solutions designed explicitly for outdoor environments."

The inaugural release of the McKenzie & Co. Outdoor collection introduces an impressive lineup of 15 distinct product offerings, all slated for shipment by late December. One of the notable highlights in this collection is the Armless Modular chair, priced between $599 and $699. This range of offerings exhibits a variety of noteworthy features, including Chromcraft's patented "Comfort Flexx" spring back, innovative "Attachables" arms, and table options designed for seamless integration with the seating arrangements. Furthermore, the collection showcases sturdy aluminum frames and structures, available in three appealing powder coat finishes: Coal Black, Anthracite Gray, and Cloud White. It also features Culp's Outdoor LiveSmart fabrics, engineered to effortlessly merge style and durability.

Urbanick stressed the oscillation in preferences of consumers nowadays and observed that the Newport Collection aligns seamlessly with current trends: "In the contemporary world, individuals are increasingly prioritizing their well-being and surroundings, especially when it comes to outdoor spaces. People are dedicating more time to outdoor living and are determined to make these spaces not just inviting but also stylish and enjoyable."

David added, "Expanding on the triumph of our indoor Modular program, which already comprises three exceptional collections, this venture into outdoor seating represents a natural progression for our business. The rapid growth we are witnessing directly corresponds to the rising demand from consumers for versatile seating solutions within their homes. Our modular seating, with its limitless configurability, is the perfect answer to this burgeoning need."

Changing Consumer Preferences

Shifting preferences of today's consumers highlights the increasing importance placed on well-being and aesthetics, particularly in outdoor settings. With people dedicating more time to outdoor living, the demand is for not just inviting spaces but ones that exude style and offer an enjoyable experience. This contemporary trend resonates with the essence of the Newport Collection, which caters to the evolving desires of individuals seeking to enhance their outdoor living environments.

This expansion of the McKenzie & Co. Collection's product range underscores how this move into outdoor seating is a logical step for the company. Building upon the success of their indoor modular seating program, which already features three outstanding collections, the foray into outdoor seating aligns seamlessly with the surging consumer demand for flexible seating solutions in their homes. The versatility of their modular seating, allowing for endless configurations, perfectly meets the growing requirement for adaptable and stylish furniture in today's dynamic living spaces.

Rising Market Demand

The market for outdoor furniture in the United States is expected to reach $17.18 billion in 2023, according to Statista. The market is expected to grow at an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 3.39% from 2023 to 2028.

The growth of the outdoor furniture market in the United States is being driven by a number of factors, including:

  • Increasing consumer spending on outdoor living spaces.
  • Rising disposable incomes.
  • Growing trend of home entertainment and outdoor gatherings.
  • Increasing popularity of outdoor kitchens and dining areas.
  • Growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor furniture.
  • The online market for outdoor furniture is growing rapidly, as consumers become more comfortable shopping for large items online.

The outdoor furniture market in the United States is a highly competitive market, with a large number of players. However, the market is also growing, which provides opportunities for new and existing businesses.

In venturing into the realm of outdoor seating with the Newport Collection, McKenzie & Co. demonstrates a commitment to bringing its well-established quality and durability to this new niche. With a legacy of crafting reliable and stylish indoor furniture, the expansion into outdoor living spaces is a testament to the company's dedication to meeting the ever-evolving needs of its customers. By marrying innovation with their hallmark craftsmanship, McKenzie & Co. promises not only to redefine outdoor comfort and style but also to provide consumers with furniture that endures, regardless of the elements, while still delivering on the promise of a memorable and inviting outdoor experience.


Last Revision, 2023/10/19, 3:16PM CST.

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